Boost Your Lead Capture Form Conversions with These 5 Simple Tweaks

If you’re looking to tweak your lead capture form for more conversions, you are not alone. Just 22% of all businesses are actually happy and content with their conversion rates and even they will likely have room for improvement. So, if you’re getting the traffic to the site but you’re not getting the conversions that you’re after, don’t worry. It might not be your product or service, but rather the layout of the page or a form that’s too messy. To help, we’ve compiled five simple tweaks for you to try and see what effects they have on your page. They just might open the door to conversions beyond your wildest dreams:

1. Use image select questions

Ever been greeted with a form that you could just not be bothered to fill out? One of those forms that have 26 options and want every single little thing about you and your past, your Facebook profile, email, driver’s license number… It gets tedious doesn’t it. A way to reduce the amount of data input by your users is by using image select questions, so although your question may stay the same, the form of input is much easier and fluid. Instead of a text box, allow for a series of images that can be clicked by the user to select the one that represents them.

2. Collected data to pre-fill answers

Another method in the way of saving time and inputting less information is the use of ‘smart forms’ that fill in the information in the form from data that has already been collected. Information such as:

  • Their name
  • Their current location
  • Whether they’re already a customer

This lessens the number of clicks, amount of time and thus increases conversions.

3. Opt for a single-column lead capture form

If you’ve got a messy lead capture form, then you’re likely who I’ve written this point for. Messy forms often come from multiple columns and look more daunting then they actually are. To eliminate this and thin out your forms it’s wise to move to a single column format. Single columns allow for a natural progression through the form in a single direction, so you’re not distracted by other sections of the form. This not only means that your customers will stay on the ball, but they’ll finish the form faster meaning they’re more inclined to fill out their information. More forms completed = more conversions.

4. Rethink your call to action

Your call to action is up there with the most important features on your page and if you’re boasting boring terms then you’ll likely need a rethink. Instead of using the boring, CTA’s of ‘claim now’ or ‘sign up here’, adopt a more strategic CTA such as Netflix’s ‘JOIN FREE FOR A MONTH’. Creating a custom CTA that suits your business is perfect. With a little bit of personality, an offer or a different attitude injected into the little green button, you’re likely to see a shift in the number of conversions. Social logins can also be used as your primary call to action to reduce anxiety and build trust. Although it may feel counterproductive – trust is the aim of the game. Get that on your side and you’re laughing.

5. Clearly include your privacy policy

Speaking of trust, clearly including your privacy policy is another great idea with 92% of people worrying about their privacy online. It just adds another layer of security before people sign-up or use your CTA. They have the option to view your privacy policy and although it’s not particularly likely that they’ll read it – people love options and it’s definitely wise to include them if it’s to do with their safety and privacy online.

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Kevin is the founder of Your Digital Marketer and while he’s not working on client’s PPC campaigns he spends his time communicating with clients on a one-to-one basis to ensure that each client understands what their company can do to further improve their online presence.

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