Pricing & Return on Investment


Estimated Return on Investment

Let’s get down to business and answer the question every company owner and marketing manager wants to know! What Return on Investment (ROI), will I see from using Google Ads and a management service? Below you will find an estimate return on investment example, however in order to get your own personalised ROI example, please use the form below.

Number of Clicks:

Let’s say the campaign had a Google Ad Spend of £500 and the average Cost Per click was £0.60. The campaign would receive 833 clicks.

Sales / Enquiries:

If the campaign, then had a Conversion Rate of 25% it would receive 208 sales / enquires. With an example average gross revenue per sale of £200 the campaign would receive a total revenue of £41,600. Taking into consideration an average profit per sale of £50, the campaign would receive a total profit of £10,400.

Cost of Sales:

With a Monthly Advertising Spend of £500 and an example management fee of £300, the total Cost of Advertising / Sales would be £800 per month.


Number of Sales: 208

Cost of Advertising: £800

Return on Investment: 5,100%

Total Revenue: £41,600

Total Revenue After Cost of Ads: £40,800

Benefits of Using Our PPC Management:

  • We perform on-going optimisation of your campaigns.
  • We are proactive with recommendations and regular with reporting.
  • We comprehensively track, measure and continually refine your campaigns.
  • You get a dedicated account manager.
  • You have full access to and continue to own your campaigns and data.
  • You can sit back and relax knowing that certified Google Partner experts are managing your PPC campaigns.

Request Pricing & ROI Information

There are no nasty surprises with our flat-rate monthly management fee, however as each of our client’s goals are different, we insist on providing a bespoke package in return. Please use the form below to request pricing and ROI information.