Kevin Redfern

As the founder of Your Digital Marketer, Kevin Redfern has a very strict policy of providing you with honest and transparent advice. When he’s not working on client’s SEO and PPC campaigns he spends his time communicating with clients on a one-to-one basis to ensure that each client understands what their company can do to further improve their online presence.

He is a highly motivated BSc (Hons) Applied Computing graduate with 11 years’ experience within the digital marketing industry! After building his own editorial website to a readership of 60,000 visitors per month he decided to create a new venture and so, Your Digital Marketer was born in the January of 2015! Since then Kevin has implemented a large range of SEO and PPC campaigns, all of which have achieved his client’s goals and expectations.

The non-work stuff:

Kevin enjoys playing online video games with friends from across the UK, however when he’s not at his desk he enjoys traveling, swimming, bike riding and attending his local gym.