Manon Spindler - Your Digital Marketer - SEO & PPC Agency in Oswestry
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Manon Spindler

Manon is a professional bilingual digital marketing specialist, who is originally from Zurich, Switzerland with German as mother tongue. She completed her studies in Switzerland, Canada and Spain and finished university with a Masters in Social and Communication Sciences in 2011.

About Manon’s Experience:

  • Project management
  • Client consultation and communication
  • Campaign audit of existing accounts
  • Implementation and management of new accounts including keyword research, budget and bid strategy, ad copy and extensions.
  • Optimisation and reporting

The non-work stuff:

Manon has developed a successful small business with a friend that has the vision to revisit favorite foods by using seasonal, local and lovingly produced ingredients and to share them with other people. The first pop-up dinner was held in a hired kitchen venue in East London and fully booked with 35 people, followed by a brunch event with 30 guests.